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Our journey

Clairvoyant Software technologies Pvt Ltd India is one of the major tech firm which provide FLAIR Educational Resource Management System software. Since 1999 this software company has been playing an experienced platform for developing the educational management system for universities across the world. A coherent approach to the new generation education without losing the ethics and values are the key point which lead CS technologies to excellence. Nowadays, a numerous number of organizations run their recruitment or entry in particular institutions is through online assessments mode only. The time exceeds to get updated. The FLAIR-ERMS software paves the way to meet the educational standards globally. Aiming to enhance the outputs of education to higher levels Clairvoyant introduced FLAIR-ERMS. Moreover, the quality performance of the software FLAIR-ERMS is a milestone in educational industry as it deals with all demands of modern era education. Our innovative ideas of education management system reflect through FLAIR-ERMS.

Clairvoyant came in to existence on 1999 with its center on Madurai, Tamilnadu. It is registered as a limited liability company under the Indian Companies Act 1956. The evolution of the company withholds a motto “start vision of tomorrow from today itself”. The upsurge of Information technology resonating all over the map. The rapid changes in the field of education, strive us to develop innovative ideas for the convenience of students, faculty, institution, parents in a single platform. Unequivocally, we can announce that our company achieved the output without compromising the quality of education.

Throughout the years Clairvoyant outnumbered the cut-throat world of technology with zero sacrifice in values and quality of service. The experts in our firm acts as a pillar for both the company and public as their experienced service brings out the better facilities to get along with this tech era. The immense knowledge in related field and impeccable application of creativity are the main strength which ushered Clairvoyant to a top notch in the industry. The business affairs of the company are handled by the biz team lead by the Juvenile Managing Director of the company.

Clairvoyant support the thirst and zest of tech team to unfold the veil of knowledge to bring out a successful outcome. Each coding and program is undergone a thorough study and professional approach. The consistency and perseverance of our team deliver various projects and products varies from simple application to complex WML scripts.

In business operations, the professional and qualitative approach of Clairvoyant team satisfies both the public and clients. The credibility end efficiency of clairvoyant to meet the requirements of clients has been a stepping stone to the current success of the team. 'We provide what you think if it is knowledge, or updation of technologies.'

The vast experience and tremendous knowledge, drive Clairvoyant to develop an Educational resource management system to change the field of education into a paperless field irrespective of the size of institution. We are glad enough to say that our product FLAIR-ERMS has been implemented by many institutions with wide acceptance

“We are here to envision your future from today onwards”

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